Online Classes 1.0

Online Classes 1.0: Online classes toolbar for Internet Explorer web browser. Online classes toolbar for Internet Explorer web browser. Find online classes on virtually every subject. Easily find updates and news about the latest online classes available through

CyberMatrix Class Scheduler 6.04: Simple to use single or multi-user application for scheduling student`s classes.
CyberMatrix Class Scheduler 6.04

Classes can be deleted, added and assigned to different rooms or instructors right from the schedule view. Class times can even be moved around using drag and drop and adjusted by resizing individual classes. The bulk scheduling feature allows you to input a list of all the students along with the classes they require and will then automatically generate all their schedules. The payment and invoicing features help manage the costs associated with

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OOJNI Add-in .NET for VS7.1 2.00.17: Object-Oriented JNI Add-In .NET for Microsoft Visual Studio v.7.1
OOJNI Add-in .NET for VS7.1 2.00.17

classes) and managed code (OOJNI for .NET classes) in MCPP, C#, J#, VB for java byte code (SUN/IBM/MS JDK1.1.x-1.6.x) selected and includes it into the active project. It also makes JNI implementation of Java class native methods. At the same time OOJNI Add-In makes all project setting for using, compiling and running the code generated. Developer uses OOJNI classes as regular C++/MCPP/C#/J#/VB classes. Each OOJNI class wraps low-level JNI code to

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Physics Virtual Lab, PVL 1: At least 167 Intuitively-Easy-To-Use Physics simulators for teaching & learning
Physics Virtual Lab, PVL 1

classes, to support the teacher`s explanation and to make classes more interesting, (2) In the physics lab, during experiment sessions. (3) in the library by students, to review the topics covered in classes (4) at home, students run experiments with their own data. The teacher may also use the PVL to prepare classes and assign research tasks. In a traditional Physics lab it is impossible to execute experiments with extreme parameters, for instance

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Common JDK 1.7+ Utility classes 1.9: common utility classes that work under Swing Java 1.7+
Common JDK 1.7+ Utility classes 1.9

classes that work under Swing Java 1.7+. They are intended to be included in your own Java programs. Some of the classes included are: Age : computes age in years, months, days BigDate : replacement for Date, calendar calculations CheckPermission : check permission ClipboardPoker : put something in clipboard CMPAboutBox : AWT About box CMPAboutJBox : Swing Abount box EIO : Encapsulated I/O FNV1a64 : 64-bit hash function FontFactory : choose and cache

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accounting classes 1.0: accounting classes toolbar for Internet Explorer...
accounting classes 1.0

Accounting classes toolbar for Internet Explorer. Easily find campus and online accounting and finance schools. Search by degree, state and zip code. Financial aid programs are available.

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REACTION 1.0: REACTION: Generation, Manipulation and Analysis of Complex Reactive Systems

classes, generic descriptions of a reactive process. Within the database are about a thousand classes already defined. The basic input to the generation process is a seed molecule, representing what species is to be reacted, a pathway of reaction classes. This generates a reactive submechanism. A complete mechanism consists of a combined set of generated submechanisms and a base mechanism of non generated reactions. The software also includes an

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